The new search engine Cuil is stealing my logotype!

My site representents a very small community, owners, fanciers and breeders of the rare sighthound Silken Windhound.

I know pretty well what photos belong to what site, who the dog is, who bred it, who owns it etc.
So when I do a search for “Silken Windhound” in Cuil, I see photos and images from the sites in this community, but they are not presented with the site where they belong. What’s more, they use more or less the same photos/pics on EVERY page in the results, they are just repeating them and throwing them around randomly.

I for one, am not amused to find my logo and some of my best/favorite photos shown with just any site out there.

I am really surprised that the comments about Cuil I’ve seen so far, at Sphinn for instance, they do not mention this phenomenon. So is it not widespread?
Is this really only happening to my small community?

I suggest you all go to Cuil and check out your own site, your own site community, and see if your logo or copyrighted images show up randomly next to other sites than your own in Cuil SERP.

I am rarely upset by someone using my photos without asking, but this misuse of my copyrighted property (and yours) is outrageous!


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