C-section. And luck …

Hoppsans delivery did not go as smooth as I had hoped for.
One week before expected whelping Hoppsan was X-rayed and I knew there were 2 puppies.
On Saturday Hoppsan had one puppy (Mister) and after that nothing at all happened.

After a couple of hours there was nothing else to do than going to the vet clinic.
The vet tried everything she could but had to give up. The last puppy was not going to come out.

At C-section it turned out that the puppy had been dead for at least a day. This is not helping Mom to get contractions …

Now I was lucky enough to have had done the X-ray and knew how many puppies to expect, this made me realise something was wrong very early. Without the X-ray it could have taken another day or until Hoppsan got real sick before I realised a disaster was coming.

If I had had a baby monitor I would have been able to notice that there was only one live pup and maybe reacted even earlier. Maybe I should get myself a prenatal heartbeat baby monitor

There are all kind of things for monitoring unborn babies but you never think of getting anything like that for puppies.


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