Viper was BIS Junior and Junior Winner 2009!

Viper, SSWK Jr W-09 Starcastle Hounds Morning Mist was BIS Junior and Junior Winner 2009 at the Swedish Silken Windhound Winner Show 2009.
He was also BIS Junior at the Specialty the following day.

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Viper seem to have stopped growing

Viper seem to have stopped growing. At least for now.
He has been 54 cm (21.25 inches) since he was 8 months and he is 10 months old now.

The growth chart on his page has been updated accordingly

Viper’s growth chart

Added a growth chart for Viper.
Doing that I tried to add a tabbed meny as on Gizmo’s page, only to find out my program is refusing.
It isn’t the first time I tried to add gadgets recently, only to have Dreamweaver saying it is not possible.

It is time to make a new site, start over.
I just haven’t a clue what it should look like yet 🙂

New photos of 1 week old Silken Windhound puppy

Morning Mist is now 1 week old, he has grown from 275 gram at birth to 800 gram at one week.
New photos show a puppy that is getting a little bit fat, not so strange considering that he is a singleton and has the milk bar all to himself.