New photos of Alice

Some new photos of Alice.


New Photo Blog!

Playing around with WordPress blogs and themes I discovered a theme designed only for putting up photos. No blogroll, no widgets, just posts with photos. The cool thing is that the page itself change color after the photo in the post!

Check out my my Starcastle Hounds Photo Blog

New site – Starcastlehounds Design !!!

For many years making web sites were somthing I considered quite boring.
In the beginning, in the mid 90´s, I made sooo many …

But the urge to create something as awakened again and the site Starcastlehounds Design seemed to be a good idea. A design blog was created too, to go with it.

This will give me something creative to do during dark fall and winter evenings.
As if I did not have enough creative projects already … Soap, candles, photoshopping …

Ahh, that reminds me, must make new sighthound soaps for the Swedish Silken Windhound Specialty coming up shortly!

New photos of Hejsan

Two new snapshots of Hejsan.
She was snake bitten a couple of weeks ago and she looked so pitiful I avoided taking photos for awhile.
Now she is back to her usual self, and there is never a dull moment around her.

Nalles photos after a bath

Nalle is now 11 months and here you will see photos of what he looks like after a bath.
Judging from his tail plume I think he will have a quite nice coat when he is fully coated a couple of years from now.