Truls, Starcastle Hounds Not So Much

Truls was the only puppy born here at Starcastle Hounds in 2011.

Truls, Starcastle Hounds Not So Much, Silken Windhound born 2011

Blue chincilla colored Silken Windhound puppy

Silken Windhound puppy, Starcastle Hounds Not So Much

Truls, 5 month old Silken Windhound puppy

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New photos of 1 week old Silken Windhound puppy

Morning Mist is now 1 week old, he has grown from 275 gram at birth to 800 gram at one week.
New photos show a puppy that is getting a little bit fat, not so strange considering that he is a singleton and has the milk bar all to himself.